America's Gun Club

A Vision

     Diamond Point Premier is Northeast Wisconsin’s contribution to the nationwide trend of shooting ranges catering to a more sophisticated clientele. The “Guntry Club” concept takes the attitude of gun ownership and casts that attitude into a family friendly entertainment with upscale amenities. On the national stage, Diamond Point will take its place as one of the largest and best equipped shooting experiences for all ranges of shooters. 

     Diamond Point is a three floor, year-round, facility that not only provides an upscale shooting experience, but a social environment where everyone you meet has at least one thing in common, a love and respect for firearms. While offering the benefits common to all shooting ranges; multiple shooting lanes, experienced staff, and related retail, Diamond Point will take your shooting experience further than any other facility in the state of Wisconsin and the Midwest. Forty oversized shooting lanes (25-100 yards) that genuinely accommodate multiple shooters, downloadable video that captures your every shot, Dillon reloading equipment in a variety of calibers, and an armory that offers security and storage to members. And that’s just on the range floor! Add in a dynamic tactical raid-training environment and you’ll be rearranging your calendar to get on our shooting floors everyday! 

     Once you’ve finished up at the range, climb the stairs and arrive at the center of Diamond Point’s social experience. A fully stocked, high-end bar and lounge that offers an array of spirits and liquors not available at any local watering hole. Enjoy your drinks in the bar area, retire to the members only cigar room, or find your way to the private third floor.

     The second floor is rounded out with a confectionary featuring world renown chocolates alongside cigars from all parts of the world. Founding Members will enjoy 24-hour access to the range using retinal scan technology. You get to shoot when you want to shoot.

     Even with all of the potential firepower surging through Diamond Point, the grounds are meant to show the shine and polish of polite society. The main structure is influenced by Southern tradition. It’s a throwback to the polite and mannered American past. The low profile of the range, only rising four feet from the ground, contributes to this Southern appearance. Beyond the main building, a stocked pond provides a bit of relaxation for those who indulge in fly-fishing or, in the winter, for those who enjoy ice-skating. Serving the season, lands beyond the pond will be dedicated to dog training and winter sports.

     “Guntry” clubs target a new breed of shooter: all ages, more affluent and female.” Diamond Point is a gun range with a concierge desk, granite countertops and leather couches, a real shooting retreat. It will provide safety, apps to reserve shooting lanes, as the bar and lounge connected to a cigar room. There are executive founders quarters to unwind in.

     The range is colossal – more than 24,000 square feet, with 40 shooting lanes featuring booths wider than the standard. Shooting booths are glazed to provide DOJ Level 3 protection and include a deep shelf with two recesses and the finest finishes. In the 100- yard range, shooters can monitor where their rounds hit on an overhead screen. Each lane has it’s own video to record every target hit.

     Diamond Point is a private member club; however the public is welcome during operating hours on the gun range as the open lanes permit. The primary mission is SAFETY; Diamond Point will focus it hiring efforts to retired veterans, police officers and their certified firearm credentials. The secondary mission is top-notch experience. Diamond Point employees and staff will roll out the red carpet. We don’t avoid the old-schooler’s; we hire them.

     This high-end gun range will focus on attracting people who might be hesitant to try shooting at an old-school club, fearing they will use the wrong lingo or be privately mocked because they are new to shooting. The Staff will guide them and walk them through the process.  Everyone who comes to Diamond Point – expert or novice – will be instructed about the range etiquette and rules. We will build this business so our members and guests feel comfortable right off the bat and feel like they are doing it right.

     Diamond Point is a safe place to proudly uphold our 2nd Amendment. This will be a symbol of our American freedoms and a tribute to all branches of Our Military.

A Lifestyle

     Becoming a founding member of Diamond Point gives you the chance to make an impact on our community.

     There is a great divide between individuals who believe in the rights to bear arms and those who do not. Those who believe in conceal and carry and those who don’t. As a Founding Member you are ready and willing to stand behind your conviction. Let it be known that you believe in the right to bear arms, the 2nd Amendment, and the freedoms that are not granted by our government, but guaranteed.

     This may be your opportunity to meet your philanthropic needs. Diamond Point will employ Veterans and retired law enforcement. You’ll be providing the opportunity for kids to learn about and respect firearms. We’ll provide instruction for Hunter’s Safety and conduct shooting events for high school students, 4H Clubs and the Boy Scouts.

     You will participate in a public center for families to congregate for activities, cookouts and holiday celebrations. We have the confectionary, a lounge, and a retail store: there is no shock when they see a gun. There is a pond to fish that converts to an ice rink. Use the dog fields in the summer and a hockey rink in the winter. Families will be able to spend time together. Diamond Point is not a place to drop the kids off and pick them up later, it’s a family place.

     You are providing an opportunity for the people of Green Bay; one to provide a safe environment; they will become familiar with firearms, while PVT testing to make sure all are safe. There will be Conceal and Carry training, target lessons, special classes, guest speakers general and advanced training.

     Diamond Point is state of the art. It is a clean, efficient, safe place to be. What you are really participating in not only benefits the Green Bay community but the State of Wisconsin as long as you are to be a member.

     In the long run, it’s also about the right to bear arms. You will are in on the ground floor that will make freedom statement.
     Diamond Point is a sporting gun range that includes a clubhouse and grounds that are provided for individual and family activity. Diamond Point will be safe, efficient, friendly and a major benefit to the Community.

Diamond Point is a symbol of freedom and conviction.

A Philosophy

  • Diamond Point is an American private organization, which advocates for gun rights, the club will informed its members about firearm-related bills since 1934, and will support the NRA and all the work it has directly lobbied for and against legislation since 1975. We will make it our priority to uphold the 2nd Amendment.
  • Diamond Point is founded to advance rifle and pistol marksmanship; to teach firearm competency and safety. We will instruct civilians and law enforcement, youths and adults, in various programs. Safety is our top priority.
  • Diamond Point is forward thinking and take action with the NRA as one of the top three most influential lobbying groups in Washington. Diamond Point will participate in legislation, and endorsed or opposed various candidates.
  • Diamond Point will support law enforcement, our Armed forces, and our veterans. We will reach out to them an offer to become a part of the Diamond Point team. 

Our Philosophy: Gun safety first; don’t take away our guns!

America's Gun Club