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          Nationwide, high-end ranges are a beginning trend, catering to a new and more sophisticated enthusiast. Firearm sales have nearly doubled since 2005, and the industry has an economic impact of $32 billion. As the industry becomes more inclusive of those not already a part of the hunting culture, a new generation of firearms enthusiasts enter the sport for shooting practice. Diamond Point will fill this growing need and will become an attraction for those looking to get familiar with the sport.

          The average age of a new target shooter is 33, and of those new shooters, 37 percent are female, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association for the firearms industry. Shooters spend $10 billion a year on target shooting, including the cost of firearms, ammunition and range fees.

          These demographics and economics are attracting members and clients outside the firearms industry. They see ranges as a new place to improve skills and socialize.  Diamond Point is a premier sporting club with all of those elements. This range will project a comfortable and welcoming environment for all demographics picking up a pistol for the first time.

           Gone are the folding chairs, stale coffee and drab settings of some old mom-and-pop gun ranges. Now, it’s time to compete for the entertainment dollars with the golf and country clubs, nightclubs and movie theaters, which have also gone high-end with leather seating and mixed drinks. Ranges are becoming a new place to take clients for lunch – and squeeze off a few rounds. 


          DIAMOND POINT is the ambition and passion of Andy Williams. As an advocate for the constitutional rights of all citizens, and, specifically, their second amendment rights, Andy believes the priorities of our Founders still resonate within a small and dedicated percentage of Americans. It is those who still hold those beliefs who are responsible for keeping the American Dream alive. Diamond Point’s role, in that national debate, is to act as a bulwark against the erosion of our second amendment rights. It is a physical manifestation of that small and dedicated group who still hold the ideals of our Founding Fathers. They are Founders in their own right and take their place as guarantors in passing our birthrights to our children.

          Andy is also a 12-year veteran of America’s Armed Forces, serving in the Navy, on the nuclear aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, CVN-71, and during Desert Storm as a member of Cargo Handling Battalion 9, and in the Army Reserve, as a sergeant in the 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion. Following his service, he graduated with honors from St. Norbert College (Political Science ‘03) and Marquette University (Juris Doctorate ’06).  He’s held elected office as a representative of De Pere, on the county board and today, his law practice is located in the heart of Green Bay, across the street from the courthouse. As an active member of the community, he’s been able to build lasting relationships with local law enforcement and the many local governments and elected officials in Brown County.
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